Henriëtte E. Evenhuis   sculptures


Dynamiek - Henriëtte E. Evenhuis

The sculptues portray people that are waiting or pass by, alone, toghether or as a group

Inspiration is Fernando Pessoa's text: "Come sit with me, Lydia, on the riverbank. Let us quietly watch the drift and learn that life goes by and we do not hold hands".


Long before we had the spoken word, body language communicated how a person felt. Nowadays, we have the word but it is often a curtain of smoke or a mask, meant to hide the inner world and lead the other astray. Our body language still (involuntarily) gives away what we really feel and think. WIth a single gesture you can express emotions like love, hate, commitment, dependency, loneliness, humor, pleasure and happiness.



There is a silence moment, that gives a moment of importance and no importance.

These moments don’t hurt me at all, but hits you in a positive way.

The moment that an individual with all of their body and the power seeks for an explosion faster and faster so fast that the body would very much like to provoque this experience.

There are also moments or new moments which can be consistent against  the changements

in its owner me.

But there is an overwhelming energy that helps you to give a sort of everlasting power of living, sadness, falling down, getting up, and even dying.

All these points gives me a target to find the silence in my sculptures.

Our body language will disapair.

But our innerly force will become visible by art.


Her sculptures are earthly, monumental and expressive. Matter and emotion are in balance and although they appaer very still at first sight, the spectator soon becomes aware that the sculptues seem to move internally, in the treadmill of our existence.

It is small, fleeting moment, apparently of no consequense, that moves me and that I try to catch.


C’est un moment silencieux, qui donne un moment important et pas important

Cela m’a touche tres fort.

Le moment don’t l’individue avec tout son corps et la force se montre dans une explosion,

vite, si vite que le corps voudrais bien provoquer avec l’entourage.

Il y a des moments ou le nouveau se deploie si progressivement que tu n’es pas conscient des changements.

Mais il y a une energie eternelle dans la vie qui nous donne le savoir vivre, qui nous laisse vivre, tomber, s’enlever, et mourir.

Ce movement c’est cela ceque je cherche dans la silence de mes sculptures. Tous ce que on a a faire est d’accompagner le movement et de ne pas y resister.

Tout ce que je construite avec mes mains est une prevue de mon corps.

Heniette Evenhuis



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